What owners need to know! The following is important information we have provided to help you before purchasing an ATM. If you read everything below before calling us, you’ll be way ahead of those that do not.

What is the difference between purchasing an ATM and a Free ATM Placement in my business?

Purchasing an ATM means you own the equipment and are responsible for loading the cash into the ATM.  The advantage of this is that you retain 100% of the surcharge and can control the amount of the surcharge. If you decide on a Free ATM Placement Effortless ATMs provides the ATM machine, loads the ATM with cash, and you receive $0.50 per surcharged transaction. If you decide on a Shared ATM Placement Effortless ATMs provides the ATM machine and you load the cash into the machine.  Effortless ATMs and you split the surcharge profits 50/50.

How do I get paid?

The surcharge and vault funds are deposited back into your bank account within 48 hours during the business week. For accounting or other reasons, some customers may prefer a monthly check. The choice is yours!

Is there some way to keep track of the funds settlement?

Real-time online reporting is available free of charge.

How long will it take for me to receive my ATM after I order?

It depends on our current inventory. If we have a machine on hand we can be there next day. If we have to order a new machine it typically takes about ten days from order time to delivery.

How much money do I need to cash load an ATM?

Each location is different so it depends. An average to good location may do 100 transactions a month. At an average withdrawal of $70/transaction you would be looking at the ATM going through $7,000 per month. If you plan on loading the ATM once a week $2,000 would be sufficient ($1,750 plus a 10% buffer to make sure you do not run out)

Why choose Effortless ATMs?

Because we are Seattle’s premiere ATM service provider and our customers come first.  Our equipment prices and placement rates are competitive and we respond quickly to our customers needs.  Lastly, we are flexible and can tailor a program to suit your particular business.

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