Hyosung 2700CE

Base Price: $2,395

Base model includes
  • 1,000 Note Removable Cassette
  • Electronic Lock
  • EMV Card Reader
Additional optional add-ons
  • $300 2,000 Note Removable Cassette
  • $900 4,000 Note Removable Cassette
  • $100 Topper

application-pdfDownload Hysoung 2700CE Brochure

The Hyosung 2700CE is a high end, heavy duty version of the Hyosung Halo ideal for high-capacity note storage. It boasts a 10.1″ display with tactile touch function keys. It can accommodate up to three removable cassettes. It features a built-in LED backlit ATM sign.

The base model comes with an electronic lock and an 1,000 note removable cassette(cash drawer). It is both phone and internet capable. It is fully ADA and PCI compliant. All new machines come with a one year warranty on all parts direct from the manufacturer.

Height = 52.3” Width = 15.7” Depth = 18.4”
Weight = 265 lbs.

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